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Florida Emergency Financial Assistance for Housing Program

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The Emergency Financial Assistance for Housing Program (EFAHP) provides a one-time payment of up to $400 to families who are totally without shelter or face the loss of shelter because of non-payment of rent or mortgage. It also helps those families who have had household disasters such as fire, flood, or other accidents.

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Eligibility requirements include:

  1. The household must have at least one child under the age of 18.
  2. The household must live in Florida, or be working or looking for work in Florida.
  3. At least one child or caretaker in the home must be a U. S. citizen or legal resident.
  4. You must have proof of your housing emergency, for example, a copy of a court ordered eviction or foreclosure notice. In the event of a natural disaster such as fire or flood, the EFAHP office can make a telephone call to the sheriff's office, fire department, Department of Children and Families' office, etc., if you provide us with a phone number.
  5. If you do not have enough money in your checking/savings accounts, or the cash to pay your rent or mortgage.
  6. The total household income is compared to the State of Florida's need standard to decide whether the household is eligible.

Income Eligibility Requirements
(per income guidelines published in the Federal Register, February 2008)
Household Size Monthly Income Household Size Monthly Income
1 Not Eligible 5 $4,134 or Less
2 $2,334 or Less 6 $4,734 or Less
3 $2,934 or Less 7 $5,334 or Less
4 $3,534 or Less 8 $5,934 or Less
Each additional member add $600
  1. All income received during the month you apply is considered, except for those household members who receive SSI.
  2. If you are having financial problems, it must be due to a real emergency, and not from mishandling your money.
  3. You must provide proof of your present living address. Examples include a rent receipt, utility bill, or other paperwork that lists the name of the head of household or other caretaker, and the present address.
  4. Your application must be signed and dated.
How To Apply

To apply for the Emergency Financial Assistance for Housing Program, the following forms must be completed:

This information is provided in PDF format and requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader which is available from Adobe at no charge. Viewers can convert PDF files to html through the Adobe website.
Completed forms, along with proof of your housing emergency

(3 day eviction notice, default notice, or foreclosure notice, etc.) should be mailed to:

Department of Children and Families
Office on Homelessness - PDHO
1317 Winewood Blvd.
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0700

Please call us toll-free at 1-877-891-6445 [or in Tallahassee at (850)488-3700] if you have any questions.
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2specialneedsmomneedsmiricle   in reply to The Christmas Cat
Dear Christmas Cat, Thank you sooo much. I will start checking them out, Hope you have a blessed day!
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The Christmas Cat   in reply to 2specialneedsmomneedsmiricle
If a link does not work let me know which one thank you..






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We are willing to work, do whatever it takes to make it here. I did not intend on becoming homeless in Fl. with my sons. They desrve much more than I can currently provide them. We need housing, and work. anything would help, even a spare room to rent.
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2specialneedsmomneedsmiricle   in reply to Inspiration
I am the mother of two special needs sons. I have been struggling on my own for 11 years now. we moved to Orlando Fl. with a friend of mine to try to make a better life for us. It has not gone well so far. We had hotel rooms for the first few days, ran out of money while trying to get boys in a school that meets their needs. Ended up living in car for a few days, DCS got us into a shelter, however it's too hard to get anywhere living in a shelter. moved out got hotel for 2 weeks while my friend did day labor. i have been looking for 3rd shift work, my friend has not been sent out in 5 days. no money this week. loose our room tommorrow morning. we are trying but it's been hard. DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO HELP US??? PLEASE GOD LEAD US!!!
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My partner and I along with my 3 children moved to Miami in 1/12 its been a hard road but we have maintained... In 3/13 we moved into a two bedroom apt. The landlord assured me that certain things would be fixed in the apt so I continued to pay him... The landlord had been also promising me a written lease which I never received... in the month of July 2013 I decided to take legal measures. When I notified him that I was gonna do so and enter my rent into the court he then went and started an eviction process.... we have to be out in 2 days despite my efforts at the court. No one will recognize the rights that I know I have say the statutes of the state of Florida......SOMEBODY ANYBODY PLEASE HELP US IDK WHAT ELSE TO DO!!!!! We have been looking for work while working part time and doin odd jobs sometimes please for my boys.....
Talk to Heeelllppp!!!!
I wanted to move to florida to make a new start for my 3 children and myself. We are supposed to be staying with my dead mothers boyfriend. Tonite he comes home and starts yelling at me & tells me I have to leave. I have no money b/c I haven't found a job yet and no one else down here. I really want a chance to make this move a sucess. I am scared for my safety after I over heard him yelling at his current girlfriend saying "he was going to get a gun and blow everyones head off especially that b*&^% next door" talking about me. I have done nothing to provoke him & have been looking for work and a place of my own. The poopla just got real & I need a place tomorrow. Is there any programs that will help just pay the 1st months rent for me to get into a place? Tomorrow we WILL be sleeping in my truck. PLEASE SENT ME HELPFUL SUGGESTIONS!
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 in response to TheSkids...   So...yesterday, they shut off our power. We were lucky enough however to finally receive my husbands unemployment soon after, and paid the bill, got our electric/ heat turned back on. We also were able to pay our water bill in full, avoiding that shut off as well. However, that still leaves the rent, for which we received an eviction notice for non payment today. We have three days to pay the $650 rent, plus the $75 per day late fees. Is there ANYONE out there who has a heart? Who is willing to help us? We don't want the money sent to us, but to our real estate/landlord company. PLEASE GOD, SOMEONE HELP US!!
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My husband and I live in Ocala, FL. I have a 17 year old son, and together we have a 20 month old son. The week of Thanksgiving, my husbands employer told him that everyone had the week off. While we knew this would put a crimp in finances, we were not worried. However on the following Tuesday, his supervisor called and told him that the entire plant and offices were shutting down, and every employee was out of a job. We already had part of Dec.'s rent ready, and borrowed the rest from my mother in another state. Here it is January 3, and we have no rent money for this month, and overdue electric and water bills. We actually have a shutoff notice for the water already. We have been to several agencies and churches, and were turned away at each with "no funds" or, "wait until you have an eviction notice". We need help asap, please, please, someone help us.
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 in response to scarletblossom...   Hi,
Have you contacted a social security attorney? They will review your case for free and if they feel they can win your case, they will take it, NO money upfront. When they win your case they will take a percentage of the money from when u first applied for ssi til the time your case is won.. So you do not have to come up with any money to pay them. If u need any help findind an attorney in your area just let me know?
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Hi i have two daughters and im a single mom. I was diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis and thyroid cancer last year and since i have not worked. I applied for disability and was denied two times. Im struggling really bad financially and im affraid i wont be able to pay for my rent. Can anyone help me?
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My son and I are homeless and noone is really able to help us. I received my degree in October and I am still unemployed. I am by far not a deadbeat. I want to work. It is why I went to school. Can anyone tell me where we can get the serious help that we need? I feel so hopeless when I talk to agencies that are supposed to be for the homeless and yet they cannot help me. We are fast becoming desperate, so anyone that can point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.
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fed up in FL

WHY ARE WE ARE SUFFERING?? Progress energy raised it's rates; Toho Water raised it's rates-even in FL where we have 4th highest unemployment in country & recession. I have a deadly illness and I get $21.00/month in food stamps from FL. That's 70 cents per day I can live off of. When was the last 70 cent meal you ate??

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 in response to scared4SURE...   What City and State do you live in?
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